Sarah Lavoie, LPCC Counseling Services
Slow down.
Life is passing you by!
Our day to day lives are full of hustle and bustle, stress, chaos, and noise. It's hard to find peace, calm, tranquility, and rest when we need it most! That's where therapy comes in. If you can't find the serenity in your life, come join me in learning more about where to look and how to get there! We can slow down and live in our lives!
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Mental health counseling is an interactive and often challenging process. As the therapist, I am here to help guide you safely and provide a space for this process to occur. As the client, you are here to identify and work towards the goals that you would like to achieve. Together, we practice strategies to deal with the challenges, reflect on the changes, and celebrate the successes! 

Welcome To My Private Practice​

​​Thank you for visiting my site! I am a mental health counselor in the Financial District of San Francisco, specializing in individual psychotherapy and counseling. I have a passion for helping people develop ways to cope with life stressors and experiences that can be difficult to deal with alone.

This is a nonjudgmental, safe space to learn, change, and grow.

  1. Scheduling
    Sessions are available by appointment only. My office hours are weekdays, between 12pm and 8pm.
  2. Sessions
    At this time, I only offer in-office, face-to-face sessions. I hope to be able to provide telehealth services in the future.


Some of the most common concerns I see are difficulties with anxiety, depression, adjustment, relationships, and life transitions.

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