Sarah Lavoie, LPCC Counseling Services
I received my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from William James College (formerly the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in 2010. My education specialized in the practice of individual therapy with adolescents and adults, while additional experience has also qualified me to provide family therapy.

I provide treatment for a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, adjustments and transitions, substance use, relationship problems, and stress management.
My Approach
With a basis in client-centered therapy, I believe in the power of a strong therapeutic relationship, unconditional positive regard, and genuine connection with one another. With an evidence-based focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, I also believe in the power of being able to effect change in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can have a positive and lasting impact through out our lives. Trial and error are a key part of this process.
Other modalities I draw from include dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, psychoanalysis, and systems theories.

Just for Fun

Who I am goes beyond just being a therapist. I am compassionate and calm, but I can also be direct and expressive. I like to have a sense of humor in life and in my work. I love dogs (shout out to Lucky and Fable), the beach (ahh), 2000's music (you know you love it), friends and my family (my loves). San Francisco has only been my home for a few years now, and in my heart I will always be a New Yorker (what accent?). I am imperfect and own my short-comings, so I might be a little late, but I always show up! I believe people are generally good, but I'm a little sad about a lot of what goes on in the world. I believe in standing up for and with people that deserve to be heard, and fighting for a better world for everyone.

I wish you love; I wish you peace; I wish you health; I wish you happiness.